Ensigma was formed in late 1997 and since then has enjoyed consistent growth. In 2008 Ensigma joined forces with MulchroneIT to form Lumient. Progressively more and more of Ensigma's activities have moved under this new banner. For our clients the change has not been great - now they simply have more resources and a broader skill base to draw on.

At Ensigma we pride ourselves on being able to provide elegant solutions to problems that involve complexities in combination of hardware, software, mathematics, data storage/retrieval, networking, etc. We aim to maintain a broad understanding of many areas that border our core expertise so that we can provide full and optimal solutions to problems that would be intractable for other consultants.

We are strong advocates of Open Source Software. This does not mean that we are "Microsoft haters", infact much of our work is for clients with predominately Microsoft platforms. Open Source advocacy means that we believe there are alternatives to Microsoft and in many cases these alternatives are superior. If this idea interests you (or if you don't believe us and you want to be convinced) we have compiled some interesting information and links on our Open Source Advocacy page.